Tell Congress: It's time to stop criminalizing hard working, honest farmers! Co-sponsor the Raw Milk Freedom Act H.R. 5410

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Ask your Reps  to co-sponsor the Raw Milk Freedom Act in support of small farmers and local food.

At RFCC, we work hard to make sure that Congress represents the needs of small farms. We are so happy that Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Chellie Pingree (D-ME) have reintroduced the bi-partisan Raw Milk Freedom Act in the House.

What does the the Raw Milk Freedom Act do?

This bill, once passed, will allow for farmers to transport unpasteurized milk across state lines. Often, permitted, licensed farmers who produce raw dairy products are prohibited from providing nearby urban consumers simply because the nearest city is across a state line. This bill will allow for farms to engage in local distribution and give consumers the freedom to choose the foods they need from the farmers of their choice.

Talking points

(Please include one or more of these talking points in your email in your own words.)

1. Raw milk is important to my family and me because......

2. As a constituent, I do not want to see my tax dollars used to enforce onerous regulations against small, peaceful family farms.

3. People who are new to America or guests of America often have traditional or cultural diets that include raw dairy products or home-cooked dairy. We must give all people, regardless of ethnic origin or cultural orientation the ability to choose what is best for their needs.

4. Fresh, unpasteurized dairy products are important ingredients for many wonderful dishes including making cheese at home for personal consumption. We must be able to access the foods we need to pursue these culinary delights.


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